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Container Seal Operation Program
Oct 11, 2017

Zhongshan(Feeder)――Yantian(mlther vessel)――overseas

Zhongshan barge to Yantian and then to the ship, the ship on the container in Zhongshan and then in the Yantian customs clearance, the mountain mounted barge before the following two practices: (1) Zhongshan (Feeder) - Yantian (mlther vessel)

(1)cabinet back door to increase the shipping company's seal, with the seal of the declaration (customs do not lock). And the export factory to do the cabinet (that is, installed a good cabinet) is generally added to the temporary factory seal, in order to avoid from the Yamaguchi factory to Zhongshan port during the land transport cargo theft. In the rare case, if the starting point of the shipping company is the DOOR (DOOR TO DOOR, DOOR TO CY), it may be possible to add the seal of the shipping company to the factory.

(2)the cabinet is only barge company seals without customs seals, in the Yantian installed before the ship also need to increase the shipping company seal. The M / F enters the computer (M / F has Seal NO for each cabinet, that is, the name of the counter). From the customs network out of the cabinet number, whether the same.