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Custom Security Seals Supplier,Manufacturing
Oct 30, 2017

When tamper evidence is required but a plastic or cable security seal will not fit the application, security labels are a great option. Security labels are adhered to a surface to add a layer of security to a point of entry, secure and protect goods in transit, during production, and at the time of inspection. They also help to ensure that regulations are met and in compliance. Removing the label indicates that items or containers, such as boxes, equipment, file cabinets, doors, and windows, have been tampered with or opened. Custom printing, barcoding, holograms, and graphics help to make security labels easily identifiable to individuals who are handling the items.

Security labels can be used in conjunction with security seals to protect cargo and goods. Seal and label users should constantly evaluate and refine their methods of safeguarding goods that will make the most of their seals and labels. 

We, SHANDONG TENGXIN SEAL CO. LTD., are a leading manufacturer in the field of security seal products since 2003. We are specialized in the production of  SECURITY SEALS, , such as CONTAINER BOLT SEALS, PLASTIC SEALS, CABLE SEALS , and METER SEALS.,

Relying on our standardized production equipment and advanced management philosophy, we have ranked ourselves into the first-class supplier in the area of SECURITY SEALS in China. We also have passed the factory inspection complying with ISO9001, ISO18001, and C-TPAT , standard. In the meantime, with our continuous efforts, our clients have covered many countries and areas of US, EU, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia and Africa.

With us together, you could not only get a quality products with competitive prices, but also you could get a satisfying full-range service.