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Electronic Seal Operation And Features
Apr 23, 2018

Electronic seal encloses a non-contact identification chip with a unique ID number to ensure the uniqueness and non-reproduction of the sealed digital. The exterior of the seal is printed with the unique code defined by the enterprise itself, which is highly secure. RFID reader, non-contact with one-button inspection, simple and quick. While inspecting the seal, it also collects electronic seal data to hand-held inspection equipment, and then upload to the host database system for testing and analyzing the legality of the data.

 Electronic Seal Operation and Features

Electronic seal features

1. Security  Each chip has a set of globally unique serial number. This number is fixed in the chip during production and cannot be changed. The production of the electronic seal completely integrates the chip and the seal structure, thus ensuring the absolute uniqueness and non counterfeiting of each intelligent seal.

2. Tamper Resistant  The wire of the smart seals are made from strands of stainless steel wire., and the seals body is made by injection molding of high-strength engineering plastics, which is durable and will not be damaged naturally; the smart chip is integrated with the seals body during processing, which will be destroyed when it is artificially opened.

3. Electronic  Since the chips in the electronic seals are all unique serial numbers and are convenient for wireless reading, this enables the background registration of the storage and use for each electronic seal, scanning synchronization for sealing and invalidation . All operations are recorded and tracked to truly realize electronic management.