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How Security Seals Keep Goods Safe
Apr 24, 2018

cargo thieves in the largely tend to target loaded trailers that are unattended and stationary at unsecure locations. In addition to in-transit thefts and pilferage, a growing method of cargo theft is fictitious pickups. As cargo thieves continually adapt to the evolving logistical security landscape, new threats will take shape in the form of new theft methods, and new targeted manufactured goods. Thieves will adjust to increased risk and modify their efforts accordingly, and high value shipments will continue to be targeted vigorously. What can manufacturers do to protect their high value products in transit?

In the transportation of high value manufactured goods, cable seals are a trusted and reliable solution to protect your precious cargo from the bad guys. Cable seals sometimes also called barrier seals, use a metal locking body and cable to secure shipments of manufactured goods. These seals can be applied to shipping containers, rail cars, truck doors, and containers. Depending on the diameter of the cable, these seals can be used to secure cross-border shipments or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, drums and access panels. The versatility of these seals makes them an ideal security solution for manufacturing companies with diverse needs. To that point, there are a number of common applications for cable seals across manufacturing industries.


Across manufacturing industries there is a desire to move products quickly and with as few errors as possible; to that end over-molded and barcoded cable seals are growing in popularity and worthy of consideration. Over-molded cable seals are your standard metal seals with a plastic casing to improve marking and readability by various barcode scanners. This type of seal is resistant to rust and less likely to have the marking tampered with than traditional painted or printed seals. As you consider cable and bolt seals for protecting your high value shipments of manufactured goods, consider important questions such as; am I shipping across the border? Are there government regulations that I must comply with? Am I using the most appropriate seals for this job?

Your answers to these questions, will determine the needs for specific diameters, lengths, or composition of the seals. Depending on the application for your needs, you may also consider bar codes and over-molds or a different metal such as zinc.

Give us a call to discuss your application and we will work with you to identify the right cable seals and bolts to protect your precious cargo.we are creating innovative products to meet the constantly changing world of security. We’re always thinking one step ahead of cargo thieves and other bad guys.