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How Security Seals Help The Agriculture And Food Keep Safe
Apr 26, 2018

A layered security approach that assists commercial agricultural and food transporters is essential to addressing the security concerns of the farm-to-table continuum. Agricultural transportation is a component common throughout the continuum and, therefore, requires special attention from a security perspective. Agriculture products in transport provide significant opportunities for access. For example, a tanker holding liquid products could be contaminated in a matter of seconds. All that it would take is for a terrorist to have the agent and access to the target. Planning for and implementing security management practices in the commercial transportation of agricultural and food products are vital to ensure the continued safety and security of those products.

During the transportation of agricultural and food products throughout the farm-to-table continuum, it’s important to continually audit and evaluate appropriate countermeasures to mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Security measures should make it as difficult as possible for a troublemaker to tamper with agricultural commodities and the food products or ingredients your company transports.

 How Security Seals Help the Agriculture and Food Keep Safe

The recent passage and implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act requires that food companies adopt more stringent security and safety measures in food production, transportation, receiving and storage to keep the food supply safe. Companies in the food industry must develop preventative controls to protect against the intentional adulteration of food – both human food and animal food.

Security seals can be used effectively to protect food shipping containers, trucks, rail cars, storage, and production facilities from tampering or contamination. Security seals placed on doors, totes, containers, or any other item requiring restricted access keeps cargo safe.