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Indonesia Market Changes
Jan 09, 2018

Indonesia market changes: giants, sellers battle and harsh customs conditions

According to Agus, the governor of Indonesia's Central Bank, Indonesia's e-commerce transaction volume in 2016 reached 5.6 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 78%. According to relevant agencies research shows that Southeast Asia electricity market in 2016 turnover of about 160 billion US dollars. In other words, the total amount of e-commerce in Indonesia occupies one-third of the market in Southeast Asia. It is noteworthy that this growth may continue for a long time. This is based on the Internet market in Indonesia and ample population base. According to data from research survey firm WeAreSocial, in the past 2016, Indonesia became the fastest growing country in the world for Internet users.


"Harsh clearance" into a new blue ocean challenge

It is reported that Indonesian customs has always been known as "strict customs clearance." Especially in the "Indonesian Customs red light" time. In general, from December to March of each year, Indonesia Customs, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, will conduct a thorough investigation of the import clearance and provide more formalities for customs clearance. For a longer period of time, if Indonesia operates a red light time of import clearance, Improper, but also will produce more corresponding costs.