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It Is Big Chill Day.
Jan 19, 2018

Cold season, the atmospheric circulation is relatively stable, circulation adjustment cycle is about 20 days. This circulation adjustment, there is often a wide range of rain and snow weather and gale cool. As the longwave ridge west of 80 degrees east longitude, East Asia is a large trough along the coast. Due to the influence of the northwest wind flow control and the continual replenishment of cold air in our country, there will be a sustained low temperature. Like Osamu, big chill is also a sign of how cold the weather is. 


Although the records of recent meteorological observations show that in some areas of our country, the cold is not as big as the cold, but in some years and in some places along the coast, the annual minimum temperature still appears in the great cold seasons. Therefore, we should continue to do a good job of cold crops, with particular attention to the protection of livestock safety winter