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Manufacturers’ Best-selling: One-time Transparent Instrument Seal
Apr 09, 2018

One-time transparent instrument seal features: The PC transparent cover can be seen to check the integrity of the lock and locking process, high impact ABS will provide great strength and durability, thin coated with plastic stainless steel wire, very flexible. Multiple usage of locking position, laser printing safety mark.

Instructions for use: Insert the line into the unique hole on the lock, verify the safety of the seal, and record the seal number to control the security.

Manufacturers’ best-selling: one-time transparent instrument seal

Tengxin products five major advantages:

1. Many years of professional production of seals and other locks, with a strong team of research and development, production capacity.

2. Favorable price, low price and high quality comparing to other products in the market.

3. Diversified products, have developed cable seals, plastic seals, bolt seals, metal seals, padlocks, container seals, security seals and so on.

4. Strict quality standards, all products will be checked before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of Tengxin seals to meet your needs.

5. Products can be customized according to user requirements, delivery on schedule, no delay.

Transparent meter seals are mainly used in electric meters, fire extinguisher pins, ATM cassettes, ballot boxes, trolleys, turnover boxes, trunks, first aid kits, various bags, lockers, and many other requirements with sealed security.