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Nylon Ties With White Reason And Solutions!
Mar 16, 2018

When using nylon cable ties, moldy and whitening inside are always found. What causes the phenomenon of moldy or whitening in the nylon tie, how can this be prevented?

The sources of the so-called white spots appearing inside the packaging bag of the nylon cable tie, as well as the body and the leader, are from two sources: one is that the internal additive of the cable tie drops out of solution when water is absorbed, and the other is formed by hard solidification in water. This is very obvious on the black nylon ties, but the white nylon ties are generally not visible on the body. The main reason is that the white spots on the Bose nylon ties are inconspicuous and difficult to detect, but not absent.

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The solution to the white point phenomenon in the nylon tie is in the manufacturing process. In the process of making the ties, the “steam steamer steaming” method is adopted. After the production is completed, foaming and drying are performed, and white spots can be basically avoided. However, the manufacturer generally considers natural water absorption because of the inconvenience and high cost of wet steaming of the small-size nylon cable tie. However, the method of natural water absorption can still avoid white spots. The most important point is to strictly control the water absorption ratio in the natural water absorption process, especially according to factors such as temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment, which requires the use of manufacturers or engineers. rich experience. If you control it, you can basically avoid this phenomenon. Otherwise, once the natural water absorption ratio is exceeded, the humidity inside the package will be too high, and white spots or what is commonly referred to as “mouldy” will occur within one month.

The appearance of mildew and whitening of the nylon tie does not affect its use. Even if it is for the service life, it does not have much effect. We can continue to use it with confidence.