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Precautions Of Container Seal In Use Process
Oct 16, 2017

The container seal, including the integrity of the seals, is an important part of a secure supply chain and is a key 

part of the true implementation of the C-TPAT program by foreign manufacturers. Foreign manufacturers must 

affix a high security seal to all cargo containers shipped to the United States. All seals must meet or exceed the 

current PASISO17712 standard for high safety seals.


A written procedure should be established to provide for the management of the seal and how it is affixed to the

container seal containing the goods, including the identification and reporting of damaged seals and / or container 

seals to the US Customs and Border Protection or appropriate foreign authorities, Trailer procedures. Only 

designated employees can distribute seals that indicate completeness.

To further strengthen the transport management, standardize the transport market order, protect the customer's 

property rights.


When a container seal is stored, the container seals controlled by a foreign manufacturer or located in a foreign 

manufacturer's premises must be stored in a safe area to prevent unauthorized access and / or tampering. There

should be procedures for reporting and resolving unauthorized access to the storage area of container seals 

/trailers or container seals / trailers.