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Purchasing Quality Plastic Seals
Mar 01, 2018

1. Product processing technology

(1) injection molding (seal / strip)

(2) glue adhesion fixed spring stainless steel card and back cover

(3) Coding (printing serial number trademark)

(4) quality inspection

Test items: 1 spring stainless steel back cover adhesion is solid

          2 Penma is clear, whether the font tilt, ink adhesion

          3 seals softness, toughness, high / low temperature value, wear resistance

          4 package storage


2. This section product performance

(1) Product temperature 65 ° to -13 ° ambient temperature

(2) up to F greater than or equal to 60KG

(3) wear resistance, good softness

(4) has good heat resistance

(5) high anti-static, not easy to aging, good electrical insulation

3. Under what circumstances will affect the product performance and life expectancy

(1) First, PP polypropylene can not be used: refurbished materials, recycled materials, hammer products produced in the production of materials, if the use of these materials will seriously affect the toughness of the product, softness, easily lead to aging products, thus affecting the quality of product quality effect.

(2) The choice of special PP ink polypropylene ink, so greatly enhance the adhesion of the product, not easy to fade, high temperature.

(3) spring stainless steel card to choose stainless steel, rust-proof, stainless steel card to the hardness, good elasticity, not too thin, too thin will lead to the seal off during use.

(4) glue to choose PP plastic glue, as well as the assembly process will affect the use.