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Safety Valve Seals A Brief Introduction
Nov 17, 2017

Safety security seal

The seal of the safety valve is to check the rated pressure, setting pressure, discharge pressure and back pressure in the course of the safety valve. After the pressure keeping is fulfilled, part of the safety supervision department and electromechanical department intend to cooperate to lay the good part , And its infection is to adjust the cap and valve body removable parts sealed so that the pressure can not be adjusted, the valve body can not be removed.gas meter seal

 Safety security seal a brief introduction

Insurance valve seal refers to the insurance valve calibration is achieved, the internal components can be adjusted or will turn the loose parts with lead wire sapphire up, to avoid being loose or loose insurance valve action failure or set pressure changes.lead security seals

 Safety security seal a brief introduction

On the other hand because the lead wire is relatively easy to break, if the safety valve is adjusted, the lead wire will be damaged, when patrolled to determine whether the insurance valve passively arrived.cable security seal

Spring-loaded safety valve lead package contains "adjustment of the gear ring stopper plug seal" and "manual emergency start handle seal .Prevention insurance valve is inconvenient switch, should be the best pressure after the best fixed, so as not to affect the piecemeal insurance.plastic container seal

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