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Secure Cable Ties Online Offering
Nov 06, 2017

The new line of products includes a variety of pull tight security seals that offer both a cost effective and highly valuable solution for protecting shipping containers, truck trailers and a variety of other cargo holds. These seals are manufactured from high-density polypropylene and an extra tough steel locking mechanism.

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The combination equals a breaking strength of fifty-seven pounds. Each security tie includes a pre-printed six digit sequential number to make it easier for cataloging, labeling, and tracking. In addition, these security ties are easy to use.All that is needed is to thread the end through the closure, and pull tight. They are removable by bolt and cable cutters only. Tengxin‘s line of security ties is available in a variety of colors and range in length from 12.5-inches to 15-inches in half-inch increments. Pull tight security seals are available in packs of one hundred pieces.Tengxin security seals in-house team of experts is always available to assist in finding the perfect product to use for all 

shipping and storage security needs. This company is truly dedicated to serving the requirements of their ever-growing customer base.