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Security Seals Is Really Security?
Jan 02, 2018

While it is safe to believe that our cargoes place these poor-quality seals on our trailers, is it reliable? Keep in mind that low cost seals are at the price of "low quality" seals, which are easily broken due to the inexpensive materials 应用.jpg

used to make these seals. Organizations like ours are proud of the quality of our stamps because we believe it is not a true security seal if it can be broken with a simple tugboat. We even encountered the seals used by the organization, can be destroyed by simple twisting of the seals, and even ruptured during transport.

It is not a safety seal if it is easily broken without the use of any equipment.

Therefore, we do not expect to offer you low-priced security seals. We quote you only based on the high quality raw materials we use to make our products. In addition, we also recommend the most reasonable price based on your order quantity and the type of product.