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Self-sealing Export Containers Seals
Oct 19, 2017

In order to ensure that electronic seals deployed are of a reliable quality, the Board has adopted international 

standards laid down under ISO 17712:2013 for high security seals and prescribed that vendors intending to offer 

RFID seals should furnish certifications required under the ISO standard .

Eliminate change of smuggling

Official sources explained that an exporter has to do e-sealing at his own factory premises, that would eliminate the 

mandatory presence of superintended of there, who also sign over the seal. The container can be sent to any port 

through any means and when it will reach to port; its seal would be checked by officers of Custome there and allowed 

to mount on ship. In the earlier system smuggling was done, by hendging the stuffed door in the way of transportation 

of container from ICD to port. Exporters can keep track of the containers at his office through the GPS fitted in the RFID sealing.