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Southeast Asian Chinese Lantern Festival
Mar 02, 2018

Lion dance parade Nanyin In many countries in Southeast Asia, the proportion of Chinese is very large, so the Chinese in these places have maintained the customs of southern China. In the traditional festival of Chinese for the Lantern Festival, the Chinese New Year customs of local people, while maintaining their respective traditions, have developed through the integration with the local culture and formed the unique Chinese New Year customs.


 A few years ago, the Fujian Hall of Hospitality in Singapore started a lively "walking on the street" activity in the Lantern Festival, performing splendid martial arts, lion dance and South Music performance. The Lantern Festival is one of the major traditional Chinese holidays in Malaysia. Its tradition of "throwing oranges and picking bananas" is lively and romantic and unique. The annual traditional Chinese culture is held in Yamaguchi, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Lantern Festival Parade is an important part of the celebration of the Spring Festival celebrations of the Yangkou Chinese Ethnic Group and is also a climax event.