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The Arbor Day
Mar 09, 2018

The Arbor Day is a holiday that is established by legislation in order to stimulate people's feelings of love and afforestation, promote greening of the land, and protect the ecological environment on which human beings rely.In 1928, in order to commemorate the third anniversary of the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the tree-planting festival was changed to March 12.

It was Nebraska in the United States that established the first Arbor Day in modern times. On April 10, 1872, Morton proposed a tree planting festival at a meeting held by the Nebraska Gardens Association. The state adopted Morton's proposal to set the third Wednesday of April as the Arbor Day in the state, and in 1932 released the world's first Arbor Day stamp, which shows two children planting trees.


Arbor Day is to promote the protection of trees in accordance with the provisions of the law and mobilize the masses to participate in the afforestation activities for the festival. According to the length of time, it can be divided into tree planting day, planting tree week, and tree planting month. They are collectively known as International Tree Planting Day. Advocacy through such activities, inspire people to love afforestation enthusiasm.