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The Effect Of Seals On Pipeline
Apr 10, 2018

Seals is a good method for restoration of casing. Damage to the casing, especially the casing of the oil reservoir, causes great trouble for oil recovery and even results in production suspension. Therefore, repairing the casing is one of the important measures to ensure stable production in the oil field.

Up to now, the commonly used methods are: cement plugging method, decentralized items of pipe and tail pipe method, bellows subsidy method, special type of female cone complementary method and patch adapter connection method.

They have their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to these methods, there are also lead-cemented cement casing adapters. Its role is mainly in the process of raising the pipe string,so that the slip catches the casing downhole, so that the spacer sleeve at the bottom of the slip seat cuts into the lead slot on the upper end surface of the shoe with its sharp edge; At the same time, the upper end of the spacer sleeve pressed the seal, forcing the height of the seal to become smaller, the outer diameter becoming larger and the inner diameter indented.

The effect of seals on pipeline

Seals application features

Plastic seals are used for electric meters, water meters, ordnance, chemicals, mines, customs, railways, finance, containers, foreign trade inspections, corporate product inspections, packaging drum packaging, energy metering, canned containers and other industries to prevent theft and leak. One of the most prominent characteristics of the production of plastic meter seals is that you can make trademark codes, laser typing and arrangement order numbers according to the actual requirements of your organization, to strengthen management and easy to use. The main component of plastic seals is "polycarbonate" plastics, which is pressed at high temperature. As a most economical and environmental protection products, it has the advantages of high hardness, strong toughness, transparency, lead-free poisoning and pollution-free. most economical and environmental protection products.