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The Origin And Customs Of Laba Festival
Jan 24, 2018

Legend Labra is from the "red bean dorking" custom. Legend has it that one of the ancient Five Emperors Zhuanxu, after the death of three sons into evil, devil specifically scared children. Ancient people generally believe superstition, fear of ghosts and gods, adults and children think stroke is sick, poor health is due to the epidemic at work. These evil spirits are not afraid, afraid of crimson red) beans, so "red bean dread" argument. Therefore, on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, red bean, red bean porridge, in order to eliminate Ying Ying.

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Laba porridge is called "Qibao Wuwei porridge", and Laba porridge is said to have spread from India to the poor. Some temples were held by the monks before the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, and were distributed to the poor by collecting materials such as rice, chestnuts, dates, nuts and other materials. Legend has it that you can get the blessing of the Buddha, so the poor call it "buddha porridge."