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The Role And Characteristics Of Security Seals
May 07, 2018

Security seal is a widely used product, but also a necessity in life, there are many things that know the security seals; what role of security seals; the following two parts of security seals Role and features:

1. Characteristics of security seals:

The appearance of security seals is varied, and there is no complete unification. It is the same as our usual locks, and there are many different locks. The most used security seal is a long steel wire with a seal bean, there are dozens of security seals, each one is a little different, but the overall is still similar. The color of security seals is also colorful, generally more used in white, followed by red.

security seals

2. The role of security seals:

A look at this name will know that anti-theft seals are used to prevent theft, and there is also a function of marking the security seals, because each security seal has a number above.