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The Waking Of Insects
Mar 05, 2018

The third of the 24 solar terms in a traditional East Asian calendar is awakened by insects or awakened by insects that Chinese call "jingles." It begins when the sun reaches the longitude of the celestial body at 345 ° and ends when the longitude of 360 ° is reached. More often, it refers to the day when the sun is at a celestial longitude of 345 °.


Chinese word "Jingzhe" means awakening of hibernating insects. "Startling" is the beginning, "sting" refers to hibernation insects, traditional Chinese folklore said that thunderstorms will wake up hibernating insects during the waking up of insects, which means that the weather is warming.

Each solar term can be divided into three alternate units. They are the first candidate unit, the second candidate unit, and the third candidate unit. Pentads in the awakening of insects are "peach blossom", "golden warbler singing clear", "the eagle into a pigeon", all of which indicate the arrival of spring.