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What Are The USES Of Wire Seals
Sep 02, 2017

Wire seal industry friends are basically to know, is a one-off padlock, made of steel wire seal and a call is wire seal, introduces basic structure of the steel wire seal material in the front and said very much, now is mainly to introduce introduce wire seals used in what place. 

Wire seal with industry mainly used in oil transportation, chemical industry, mining, container, customs, railway, finance, foreign trade commodity inspection, product processing, transportation and enterprise product inspection, packaging barrels packaging, energy metering, lock smaller canned vessels, prevent theft leak sealing etc. Is in front of the press industry industry, the application of the steel seal for now, the steel wire seals in place, such as the place has all kinds of containers, container truck, box car, tank containers, electric meter, water meter, scientific instruments, ordnance, container short-distance transport, truck and trailer cargo, fire equipment, these places are confidential letter railway will use wire seal, general a word back wire seal application range is very broad.