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What Is The ISO/PAS17712 Standard?
Mar 21, 2018

ISO is the organization code of the International Organization for Standardization and ISO17712 is an international standard. It is called DS DS/ISO/PAS 17712 Freight Container - Mechanical seals.

ISO standard ISO/PAS 17712 standard procedure for container mechanical seals. This standardized procedure will help the company responsible for the sealing business to effectively cope with the large number of security and theft prevention challenges in the transportation process.


Any container that adopts the ISO/PAS 17712 standard sealing procedure will be affixed with a unique mark at the seal to ensure that it is sealed. In addition, the standard also categorizes the sealing process and uses different sealing marks for the containers that are received or returned. In order to strengthen the control of the sealing process and ensure the quality of the sealing operation process, the new standard divides the seal into 6 steps:

1. Design all aspects of the sealing process;

2. The actual experience of the manufacturer;

3. Transit and intermediary dealer transit;

4. Unified standardization of sealing operations;

5. Management during the journey

6. The preservation of after-sales data.