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What Kind Of Seals Are Used On Trucks
Jun 08, 2018

In general, as long as seals or seals can be sealed, but because trucks are the tools for loading and unloading goods and transporting goods, ordinary seals may not be very suitable because they are too thin and easy to transport Inadvertently breaking, Shi blockade, container-specific, tanker-specific, this Shi blockade price is not expensive, such as wire seals or high security seals, such seals are relatively high tensile strength, not easy to be pulled Broken.

cable seals of trucks

There are two types of steel wire seals produced by our factory. One is a socket type wire seal, and the other is a tight wire seal. This kind of wire seal is designed to seal the container, container truck, tanker, etc. And the length of the wire seal can be customized according to customer requirements. The high security seal has a greater tensile strength than the wire seal, but the high security seal is generally fixed in size, that is, the distance between the holes to be sealed should not be too far away, and it is best to be close enough to pass through the buckle. Live just fine.