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Why Nylon Cable Ties So Popular?
Feb 28, 2018

Nylon strap is a lightweight, strong strap that can be used to tying objects. There are many types of nylon cable ties, different types of nylon cable tie can be used in different occasions, such as can be a kind of fire-retardant cable ties, can be used in high temperature environment, not prone to fire. Nylon cable ties now occupy most of the cable ties market. The traditional cable ties have been gradually eliminated by the market. So why nylon cable ties are so popular?


First: Because nylon ties are stronger, durable and corrosion-resistant. Nylon cable tie is nylon as raw material to produce a strong toughness of the cable tie, not easy to break, but also in the surface of the nylon cable tie coating, so this cable tie is more corrosion-resistant, in the case of moisture is not easy to fester , And can be used for a long time.

Second: Because nylon cable ties more convenient operation. This tie with a specific standard, so when in use, do not have to size, you can use. Therefore, the use of nylon cable tie can greatly reduce the workload of workers. In addition this cable tie compression capacity is also very strong. Ordinary cable tie in the strong pressure easily broken, in the harsh environment can not be used because it will quickly be corroded. The nylon ties are different. This new type of cable tie is resistant to acids and alkalis and is resistant to corrosion in any kind of environment, so this cable tie has a long service life. For many businesses, the use of nylon cable tie is a very cost-effective, because the tie is cost-effective, you can buy it for a long time, re-use, but also save a lot of money for raw materials.