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Padlock Security Seals

padlock security seals PL104 1.Material: ABS plastic 2.Strength: F>2.0KN 3.Customization: laser print name, logos on lock body 4.Colors: red, blue and white, etc. heavy duty padlock lock seals have stock of half finished products
Product Details:

TX-PL104 Higher cost performance Easy lock Padlock Security Seals

Product Description

padlock security seals 

1.Material: ABS plastic

2.Strength: F>2.0KN

3.Customization: laser print name, logos on lock body.

4.Colors: red, blue and white, etc.

5.Certificates: ISO9001:2000 etc.

6.Features: it has low cost and good application features. With unique serial number printing on lock, it will be helpful.

padlock security seals


100pcs per poly bag

10000 per carton

Carton Dimension:32×49×22cm


1pc net weight:0.7g

100pcs in a poly bag:0.07kg

10000pcs in a carton:7.5kg

padlock security seals

padlock security seals

Tengxin factory can provide the padlock security seals samples for free, padlock security seals price list, 

padlock security seals wholesale prices, padlock security seals quotation is reliability, good quality.Make 

domestic well-known security seals manufacturer, welcome to inquire.

The padlock security seals different shapes, colors can be arbitrary switching, can also be used to look like, 

to drawings tailored different one-time padlock security seals, on the lock body can play a company name, 

LOGO, serial number, qr code, and so on.

padlock security seals 

Shandong Tengxin seals co., LTD is a fair product research and development, production, sales and 

after-sales service in one of professional manufacturers, the company production of steel wire seals series 

products can be subdivided into: disposable seal, hexagonal wire seal, rectangular steel wire seal, the square

steel wire seal, padlock security seals, hexagonal iron wire seal, 38 kinds of products.Can also, according to

the customer drawings tailored different new padlock security seals.

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