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Tamper Evident Padlock Seals

tamper evident padlock seals TXPL103 Our company is specializing in the production of various kinds of security seals: high security bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals, meter seals, metal strap seals and barrier seals, etc.
Product Details:

TX-PL103 Wholesale Colorful customized tamper evident padlock seals

tamper evident padlock seals 

specification of tamper evident padlock seals


PP material


Blue, Green, Red, White, Golden, Black...


Laser engraving or hot stamping.

Tensile Strength




tamper evident padlock seals 

tamper evident padlock seals Packaging & Shipping

Quantity: 2000pcs/ctn

tamper evident padlock seals 

How to print?

We print the sequential number and logo or company name by laser engraving. It is the most security. If You want

 to tamper it, It will be very obvious traces left on the surface. 

The barcode is readable. 

How to seal it?

Pass the end of the padlock seal through the locked area and squeeze it manually to lock it.

It is more security. 

How much is the tensile strength?

We tested the seals in the general weather, The tensile strength is more than 450kgs (992lbs) and the wire Is 


Please check the pictures.

tamper evident padlock seals 

Features :

• High-grade polypropylene for greater durability in extreme weather.

• High temperature resistant locking chamber.

• Clean Break Design ensures individual seals detach from the strip without plastic waste.

• Choice of light or medium weight with standard or extended flag options.

• Five standard colors or custom colors.

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