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Anti-theft Palstic Security Lock Seals Cash Bag Plastic Seals

material:PP+PE,#65 manganese steel/304Stainless steel
Marking area:56*25mm
fabrication process:hot melting edge
color:Yellow,White,Blue,Green,Red,Orange and so on
Printing type:Laser marking or hot stamping,screen printing
marking contents:Numbers,Letters,mark,bar codes
Tensile Strength:491N
product certificate:SGS Certification
Product Details:

Anti-theft palstic security lock seals cash bag plastic seals

Cash Bag Plastic Seals

Cash Bag Plastic Seals Size


Material: PP&PE;stainless steel pin

Average Strength: >370N

Net weight: 5.68g


1. Color: logo , serial number and bar code customized by customers’ requirement.

2. ISO 9001 Certified

3. Price is competitive and quality is under control.

4. Fast delivery&Competitive Express

5. Professional sales department



2500 bags/carton

Carton Dimension:66×53×38cm

Cash Bag Plastic Seals Factory

Installation Instructions

Thread the strap through the side of the lock mechanism

Push/pull the strap through the locking mechanism

For maximum security, cut the tapered end of the strap so the seal cannot be reused (this prevents re-use of the seal in the unlikely event the seal is successfully tampered to remove it)

For hasps, do not over tighten

Removal Instructions

Break strap manually, or use a scissors to cut the strap.

Recycling Instructions

The locking mechanism is all plastic and can be recycled.

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