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Plastic Lock Seal Containers

plastic lock seal containers TX-PS215
Material: PP&PE; POM insert
Average Strength: >480N
Imprinting: Laser engraving/Hot stamping
Marks: Numbering, logo, bar code etc.
Color: Yellow/Red/Green/Blue/Purple etc.
Product Details:

TX-PS215 Lowest price custom colorful logo printed plastic lock seal for containers




Cash and courier bags, food and beverage carts, fire extinguisher pins, ATM Cassettese, ballot boxes, storage totes, suitcase and luggage, healthcare boxes, airline cargo, travelling bags, accessories,laptop bags

Applicable Industries:

Airline, express, chemicals, banking, government, fire service, healthcare, food and beverage, fishery, retail, e-commerce



Tensile Strength:

> 300N


Company name or logo, serial numbers, bar code are available upon request.


Yellow, green, blue, orange, red, white and others available upon request.

Standard Packaging:

100 pcs/ bag

30 bags/ carton

Carton Dimension: 60x44x38cm

Plastic truck seals are widely used within the transportation industry.  These particular seals make tamper detection obvious.  Smooth edges, can be broken by hand. The Plastic Truck seal is perfect for applications where increased handling is required.


Locking Instructions

Tengxin plastic seals are serial numbered. These serial numbers serve as a unique identifier. Tengxin recommend having a procedure in place to record the numbers prior to use and removal. The plastic security seals should be stored in a safe location when unused. The plastic security seals include tamper evident (sometimes arguably referred to as tamper proof) features. These features could include material blushing when manipulated. All seals should be inspected for tampering before removal.

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