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Plastic Seal Disposable Trailer Self Locking Plastic Tags

Material:PP & PE
Imprinting:Laser engraving/ Hot stamping
Marks:Company logo,serial number, bar code
Color:Yellow/ Red/ Green/ Blue/ Purple etc.
Length:300mm/ 400mm/ 500mm/ 700mm
Product Details:

plastic Seal Disposable trailer self locking Plastic tags

Plastic Seal Disposable Trailer Self Locking Plastic Tags

Plastic Seal Disposable Trailer Self Locking Plastic Tags parameter







Laser engraving/ Hot stamping


Company logo,serial number, bar code


Yellow/ Red/ Green/ Blue/ Purple etc.


300mm/ 400mm/ 500mm/ 700mm

Easy to apply

Easily applied by hand.Thread strap through closure and into locking chamber.

Pull seal up as far as possible.

Removal by cutting tool.


1pc net weight:5.67g

100pcs in a bag:610g

2500pcs in a carton:15.45kg

Plastic Seal Disposable Trailer Self Locking Plastic Tags factory

The band seals are an easy to use indicative seal. They remain in their circular form and are therefore clearly visible when applied. The seals are mostly used to seal off trailers or TIR lines for road transport.

The seals are uniquely numbered and meant for single use. The seal is completely made out of plastic, which make them easy to recycle.

Single use only

Uniquely numbered

Easy recyclable.


Bochuang security seals provide indicative access control for all kind of goods in transit. Sealed containers, bags, duty-free trolleys, tote boxes, roll cages, fire extinguishers, exit doors, gas meters, water meters and electricity meters are protected from manipulation. Our wide range of pull-tight security seals, fix length seals, padlock seals, ISO 17712:2013 certified bolt seals, electronic seals, meter seals and tamper evident labels provide tamper evident control according to specific customer needs. Creativity and innovation constantly result in new security seal solutions, applying appropriate materials and procedures for market leaders in the Airline, Catering, Post and Courier Services, Banks/Cash in Transit, Chemical, Utilities, Transport and Retail industries. Originality, security, value communication with our customers have been the cornerstones of Bochuang’s achievements for nine decades.

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