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Quality-Assure Plastic Strap Seals

TXPS 002 Plastic cable tag Quality-Assure Plastic Strap Seals Product Description Material: PP&PE Specification: Overall length: 412.5mm,Origin: Dezhou Hand Tear off Seal Adjustable-Length Plastic seal pull tight seal
Product Details:

TXPS 002 Plastic cable tag Quality-Assure Plastic Strap Seals


Product Description

Hand Tear off Seal Adjustable-Length Plastic seal pull tight seal bag seal container seal 

security Seal blockade seal
Product Description:

plastic security seal is the one-piece Seal with self-locking and can have its length adjusted 

for the application needed. Made in Polypropylene
Plastic Seal Recommended Applications:
Airline in-flight duty free or Catering Trolleys, Baggage, Refineries, Fuel and Oil Tankers, 

Chemical Drums, ATM Dispensers, Coin Boxes, Cash Bags, Gaming Machines, Postbags, Fire doors, Locker
Plastic Seal Specification:
User friendly & easy removal - requires no tool
Accommodates various trolley designs
Pull up action for quick application and immediate security.
Overall length: 412.5mm
Operational length: 300mm
Flag: 64.5mm x 25mm


Laser printing or hotstamping
Sequenced numbering & Logos available upon request
Bar-code is available
Available in any color
Standard: 100pcs/box - 20boxes/carton
Carton Size: 49cm X 32cm X 15cm
Very easy to handle
Excellent readability by laser marking
Made of Polypropylene Engineering Grade
Excellent contrast between colour of seal and laser marking
Individual colour and Laser Marking is possible
Marking of Logo and sequential number is possible by Laser


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